One Tigris Dog Collar 01

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One Tigris Dog Collar 01

Designed to be durable to use and comfortable to wear, so neither you or your dog has to worry about tugging and pulling during walks.

The collar-handle offers effective and immediate K9 control if your dog's a puller on the leash, and the quick release buckle means you can untie him/her in an instant when you're home.

Tuck away the extra handle when you don't need it.

Okay, now that you know all the specifics, it's time to take your pup out for his/her walk! 

TACTICAL NYLON DOG COLLAR WITH HANDLE AND PLASTIC BUCKLES1. Mil-spec Nylon webbing with cotton fabric for a cushioned, comfortable fit2.

Heavy duty metal D ring and adjustable straps3.

Extra handle that can also be tucked away with a hook & loop strap4. Quick release plastic buckle Tips

1. Suitable for medium to large sized dog.
2. Leave 1-2cm of extra space between the collar and your dog's neck

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